Tawaki is a brand of IET Spa, focusing on development and production of innovative and customized battery systems.

Its mission is to offer technologically advanced solutions that support electric and hybrid mobility and all those applications which require autonomous power.

Development, prototyping, production: Tawaki’s team follows every phase of the project in order to provide a complete solution.

State-of-the-art technology, designs that satisfy requirements of high quality performance and safety applications.

An approach that is a direct consequence of the continuous research and specific Company knowledge. Because innovation means, above all, looking beyond.


Tawaki offers highly innovative batteries systems, capable to deliver high-performance solutions for many different applications, requiring an autonomous energy source.

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Tawaki’s technology allows to realize integrated and specific projects based on the different client’s needs. From cell’s selection, to complete battery pack development.

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A dedicated team constantly looking for advanced technological innovations to respond quickly to new market challenges and support unique customer’s expectations.

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Developing technical solutions that, while taking in consideration production performances, guarantee high-safety standards and limited enviromental impact.

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