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Automotive industry and scientific research are focusing heavily on the development of electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars with the aim of reducing global carbon-dioxide emissions.

To achieve this noble goal, scientists and engineers are pressing on the development of a new generation of batteries for electric vehicles.

For this process, it will be essential to find new materials that could increase life cycle and performance of existing batteries and fuel cells.

This is a research process that may last many years but maybe artificial intelligence could be the key to find these new materials in a quicker way

Artificial intelligence for new battery systems

Recently some american universities, in collaboration with research institutes and car companies – such as the US-based Toyota Research Institute (TRI) – have decided to use artificial intelligence techniques in their new research project to speed up the discovery of new battery system solutions.

They are specifically  interested to find new materials that can improve energy density of batteries and they also want to expand the market for electric vehicles.

But how will researchers use artificial intelligence?

These institutes will use techniques such as machine learning, to identify new materials for batteries and fuel cells.

Scientists are not only going to improve technical performance, but they will also try to replace platinum as fuel-cell catalyst.

For this reason the research funds will be invested in computational materials modeling, machine learning and new sources of experimental data, trying to speed up the discovery of new batteries materials.

The projects will move in two different directions:

  • finding new materials to employ in future energy systems;
  • developing new tools to boost the research.

From Li-Ion batteries to the new generation

Modern hybrid electric vehicles use lithium-ion battery to power their engine. With time and usage the battery begins its decline, so engineers are trying to find a material that could improve its performance.

There is not yet a perfect battery.

We know that is not easy to charge a battery when it’s cold, for example: a Li-Ion battery can’t charge at freezing temperatures, even if you try to solve the problem by intervening on the entire system.

A new material could be a perfect solution. But which one?

We still don’t know, but the research is now trying to find it using artificial intelligence.

We will probably pass from the existing generation of batteries – the Lithium-Ion – to another one, the solid-state batteries, which will ensure incredible performances.

So it’s impossible to deny that creating new battery systems is the first step to move towards the future of clean energy.

Artificial intelligence and green future

Material science has always been one of the hotspots of battery research. But now more than ever, automotive industry needs new batteries to expand the spread of electric vehicles and reduce the environmental their impact.

Car companies want to launch their first all-electric vehicles on the market and scientists aim to reduce CO2 emissions within the next thirty years.

Artificial intelligence is the perfect tool to meet both needs.

By reducing the search time for new materials batteries, the future of clean energy can make a huge step forward.

According to researchers, artificial intelligence is a very promising technology that can be applied in a variety of industries and researches. So it isn’t much of  a surprise that they have decided to use AI to broaden the boundaries of material science trying to crack down these long search times.

An innovation that has absolutely no precedent in the industry and which will certainly give a strong boost to zero-emission car production.

An important step that demonstrates how the automotive industry is interested not only in the future of production but also in our environmental system.

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