China is the biggest electric cars market

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Data analysis speaks clearly: China is the biggest electric vehicles market.

Between 2015 and 2016 electric car sales grew exponentially, allowing China to exceed even the United States and Europe, always a step back despite their environmental policies and tax breaks.

However, despite the electric cars market slow growth, at the moment accounting for only about 1% of total automotive sales, many believe that  the so-called “electric revolution”, a phase in which alternative fuel cars will replace the traditional petrol ones, it’s about to start.

China is guiding this revolution, thanks to an ever-evolving industry which aims at improving and durability of electric vehicles battery.

China and electric cars

In recent years electric car sales have grown steeply in China, going beyond the United States, the country leader in the automotive industry.

In 2016 sales increased by 53% over the previous year, an achievement  that no other country could compete with.

But why is China becoming the world’s biggest electric cars market?

First of all, the issue of air pollution is to be considered, which is why the government wants to influence the transportation choices of its citizens in an attempt to balance environmental risks .

In addition to that, China’s high density of population contributes considerably to make it the world’s biggest electric cars market.

By 2020 it’s expected that 204 million people will move from the Chinese countrysides to the cities, making them the most populous in the world.

It’s therefore fairly logical that the demand for electric vehicles is so high in a such populated country, where e-mobility is the best transportation solution.

High population density, heavy road traffic and high air pollution pose the conditions for the development of the electric cars market.

How many electric cars are there in China

It’s now clear that China is the world’s biggest electric cars market, but what does this  really mean?

How many electric vehicles are there in the country?

How many were sold in the last year?

The data is quite clear – and amazing at the same time: in 2016 351.861 electric and plug-in hybrid cars were sold, nearly 200 thousand more than the United States.

Infographic: Electric Vehicles Are Taking Off in China | Statista

In China sales have risen by 53% between 2015 and 2016, compared to 36% in the USA.

These figures are striking and show how China is really the country leader in the electric cars market.

For this reason it’s not surprising at all that China is the country where industry research is more advanced, an industry whose main goals are improving the battery life of vehicles and building new recharging infrastructures in the cities.

China charges into electric cars

The needs of the automotive industry are changing everywhere, but China is absolutely the country that will guide the “electric revolution”.

The signs of this change are quite clear.

First of all, industries are researching technological innovations to launch cheaper and longer-lasting batteries for electric cars.

Secondly, many charging stations have been set up in China over the years to encourage the purchase of the EVs.

If we also add public funding opportunities and a careful environmental policy, it seems that China is doing everything to continue being  the biggest electric cars market.

Consumers demand is not enough to increase the market if there are no conditions for a successful purchase, and therefore China has laid the foundation for its electric revolution.

All the efforts to make the market economically cheaper and qualitatively higher have made China the absolute leader of this automotive revolution.

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