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Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular these days on our roads. A combination of factors, such an increasing awareness around the subject or climate change and environmental preservation, as well technological advances that are making these vehicles more reliable, practical and, of course, cheaper, are truly changing the automotive sector as we know it.

Another factor that in the past was a bit of drawback when talking about electric vehicles was their range.

Only a few years ago electric cars would just have a very limited range that, combined with the lack of charging stations on the road was obviously a concern for consumers

However, it looks like things are finally changing and major cars producers are starting to finally put on the market vehicles that can provide the driver with longer ranges at, most times, affordable prices.

For this reason, we decided to look at these new models, to compare them and trying to look at pros and cons for each of them.

electric vehicles range

Tesla Model S (up to 315 Miles)

By far the model with the longest range, Tesla Model S P100D can offer an astonishing 315 miles of fully electric charge beating strong competition like Chevrolet Bolt.

This car can also provide amazing performances such a 0-to-60 in only 2.5 seconds that can rival the best sports car.

The only drawback? The price… The cost of a Tesla S starts at around $138,000.

Tesla Model X (up to 295 Miles)

Famous for its ‘cool’ falcon wings back door, Tesla Model X could be considered like Model S little brother.

The top range model can still secure the drivers an impressive 290 miles autonomy and performances are almost as remarkable as Model S.

These are outstanding achievements for what is considered a 3-row family car but, as the Model S, not everyone will be able to afford one of this vehicle. The price to buy a Model X start from just under $90,000.

Chevrolet Bolt (up to 238 Miles)

The biggest plus point of the Chevy Bolt is certainly it’s value for money. The car can still secure the driver an excellent 238 miles of range for a cost of $37,500.

This obviously means that the Chevrolet Bolt doesn’t quite come with the fantastic performances of the Tesla models.

However, drivers will still be surprised by the technological features (security especially) and by how space the model can offer to its occupants.

Volkswagen e-Golf (up to 125 Miles)

The Volkswagen e-Golf is an excellent all-rounder. Recently updated in 2017, it can now provide drivers with a respectable 125 miles of range.

Even the standard model comes with many nice features such automatic headlights, heated windshield, keyless ignition, a backup camera, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The price is pretty good too as it only costs $30,000.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric (up to 124 Miles)

The Hyundai Ioniq is offered in three versions: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric.

The fully electric model could be considered the main competitor of e-Golf because of its range (almost as good as the Volkswagen e-Golf) and for a very similar price ($30,500).

The e-Golf can offer better performances and more horsepower but Hyundai comes in with completed new interior design might be able to appeal to some customers.

Ford Focus Electric (up to 115 Miles)

The new 2017 last year was completely redesigned and now the new Focus Electric has a 115 miles range.

In the same category of e-Golf and the Hyundai Ioniq – the price tag for this model is $31,000.

The Focus Electric offers more interior space than its competitors and might be appealing for drivers who like extra “leg-room”.

BMW i3 – 114 Miles

The BMW i3 has a similar range (114 miles) as Ford, Volkswagen, and Hyundai but the price tag attached to one of this higher than the other makers $ 45,500.

The reason? Overall more stylish design and attention to futuristic details that put this car a step in front of her competitors.

Nissan, Mercedes and KIA – 100 miles and under

The list is completed by Nissan Leaf (107 Miles), Kia Soul EV (93 miles) and Mercedes-Benz B-Class (87 Miles).

The first two vehicles are both priced $30,000 whereas the Mercedes, offering high-end design features and more luxurious materials is sold for around $41,000.

All these cars are still indeed a good option for customers but are still a bit behind when talking about range, compared to choices offered by other car makers, such as Chevy for instance.

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