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CleanTechnica recently published a report titled “Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams” where they asked 2000 electric car drivers to give their opinions about their EVs.

To offer a more comprehensive view of the results, the publication divided the drivers and their answers into three main groups:

  • PHEV Drivers
  • Tesla Drivers
  • Non-Tesla Drivers

The report also gave an interesting snapshot of the main differences between North America and Europe EV drivers.

Let’s take a look at the results of this interesting survey.

Most important EV Benefits

When Answering the question “What most inspired you to get an EV?”, the majority of people clearly describe the environmental benefits as the primary benefit they perceive. According to them their vehicles also enable to experience a healthier and safer kind of lifestyle.

Tesla owners also considered the environmental benefits as the most important category. However, the percentage of drivers considering the performances of the vehicle and their interest for new high-end technology was also very high.

Other key benefits mentioned by the drivers in the survey were also things like “financial saving” and “smooth and quiet drive”.

North American Vs. European EV Drivers

CleanTechnica survey also analyses the result of this research from two very different markets in the sector: North America and Europe.

The results gave a pretty interesting insight into the differences between these groups.

For both North American and European drivers, the most important perceived benefit that lead them to choose an EV was the environmental benefits.

However, this factor seemed much more relevant for European drivers (50–57%) than for the North Americans one (35% – 38%).

When posed the question “What are your favorite three things about driving electric?”, the answers provided by these groups seemed were also pretty different.

Financial savings were a key factor in North America amongst non-Tesla and PHEV drivers. The environmental issues were pretty central to European drivers even when answering this question which also enjoyed the “smooth and quiet drive” offered by EVs.

Very interestingly, the love for Tesla drivers for their vehicles seemed to unite the drivers from both continents who both mention the ‘fun factor’ connected to their cars very high on the list of favorite things.

EV Misconceptions

Another interesting question posed by the survey related to the main misconceptions connected to Electric vehicles as many people are becoming more and more interested in EVs but there still many reasons that stop them from becoming electric car owners.

EV drivers from almost all the groups thought that issue concerned to “charging time” was not that relevant for them.

According to them EVs “don’t take to long to charge” and therefore this idea should not stop drivers who are keen on buying a new electric vehicle.

Other misconceptions highlighted in the survey were:

“They’re too expensive”.
“They’re not clean/environmentally beneficial”

Last Year Results

In 2017 CleanTechnica performed a very similar survey for EV drivers. Last year results seem to match quite closely the ones from this year.

Environmental issues very pretty high on everyone lists, while Tesla drivers from all markets stated how the performance and fun connected to their vehicles were still among of the things they liked the most.

Quite interesting the survey shows how EVs vehicles seem to have become more reliable these days and drivers this year seemed to have enjoyed their “low maintenance” aspect more compared to 2017.

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