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The Plugging In Report “Readying America’s Cities for the Arrival of Electric Vehicles” penned by Alana Miller and Teague Morris of the Frontier group offers an interesting insight on how cities should get ready to become “smart” and what they should do to embrace the energy revolution.

The report is based on a couple of simple considerations: EV vehicles offer many benefits compared to conventional cars and that the number of this kind of vehicles has been strongly increasing in America in the last few years.

The main benefit of EVs is the fact they are cleaner than petrol-powered cars and therefore produce less greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

With regards to EV popularly in the market the report shows how the number of EVs America is at an all-time high as with the increase of sales of plug-in electric vehicles of 38% 2016 and 32% in 2017.

Sales forecasts for the American market are also extremely positive for EV in forthcoming years and Blomberg estimates that more than half of new cars sold in the world by 2040 will be EVs

Growing need for ev infostructures

The Plugging In analysis shows how smart public policies tested in a number of U.S. cities can really support this growth, help to change customers habits and encouraging people to choose cleaner transportation options.

However, American (and International) cities really need to implement some strong structural changes if they indeed want to find themselves ready for this revolution

In the forthcoming years American cities will see a massive influx of EV and it will be essential to offer this vehicles places where to charge.

Studies performed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Electric Power Research Institute, and Pacific Gas & Electric estimate that 1 – 5.2 fast chargers are needed to support 1,000 electric vehicles.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that 36 non-residential Level 2 chargers are necessary for every 1,000 electric vehicles.

Moreover, according to the report, only 50% of vehicles have a dedicated off-street parking space (garage or driveway) where charging can take place.

Considering these data, the creation of the necessary infrastructure and more dedicated EV charging stations will be crucial in the coming years.

American cities will have to build probably thousands of new public electric vehicles chargers and as well as support their residents wanting to build new home charging facilities.

Additional Smart Policies

The report suggests a number of other opportunities that American cities should explore to facilitate the following processes.

Encourage private investors to finance semi-public charging stations

Cities should support owners of places like privately owned stations, garages and even private driveway to finance new infrastructures and partnering with them in order to optimize the use and sharing of electric charging facilities

Incentivise EV charging

As some cities are already doing, administration should consider the option of offering free or highly discounted charging stations to encourage customer to swift into electric powered vehicles

Encourage shared mobility and other mobility options

The aim here is to reduce traffic and competition over parking places. Clean, shared mobility, electric public transports and campaign to promote cycling and ride-sharing could really help on this front.

The importance of green government policies

Finally, this analysis focuses also on the importance of strong governmental policies and support to facilitate this transformation process of our cities.

A negative example of the this is the U.S. for instance the Trump administration is slowly dismantling existing EV friendly policies and it is also planning more regulations revoking federal fuel efficiency standards.

In situations like this, it will be up to local government to push forward more eco-friendly solutions that can truly facilitate the electric vehicle revolution.

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