How to make your phone battery last longer

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A smartphone is nowadays an inevitable accessory to our everyday life, a key tool for handling personal and work issues in an easy and quick way.

Throughout the day, we keep our phones at hand reading email, using apps or writing texts, and often one of our main concern is the phone’s battery life, as we need it to last for as long as possible.

So what can we do to make it last longer?

The battery life of a mobile phone depends on two factors:

  1. how we normally use the phone during the day;
  2. how we have used it in the past.

Luckily we can take small precautions to ensure maximum duration of a battery pack, just by following little tips.

How to save phone battery

Everyone makes large use of smartphone, so trying to maintain the phone battery for an entire day is a difficult mission, but not impossible at all.

There are a lot of electronic solutions and tricks to prevent battery discharge during the day:

1 – Turn off unnecessary Apps

Continuous use of applications is cause of high energy consumption (Facebook is especially guilty on that front!).

Nowadays iOS and Android phones are equipped with features which allow identifying Apps that are consuming more energy, so that you can extend the duration of your mobile phone battery just by closing down the most wasteful ones.

2 – Turn off vibrations

This is a very useful mode if you are in a meeting or in a place where absolute silence is required, but not many people know that vibrations require more power than ringtones.

So it’s better to use this mode only when needed, or reducing the intensity to preserve cell phone batteries.

3 – Dim screen brightness

High brightness improves phone performance, but also consumes a lot of energy.

The best solution is to set the auto-brightness feature that can considerably prolong phone battery life.

4 – Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and location services

All these features are extremely handy if we really use them, otherwise they only drain power.

The general advice here is to change settings according to your needs, so to lighten the work on the phone battery pack.

5 – Push email

Reading emails on smartphones is now a common habit, but it requires your mobile phone to continuously check for your messages this also drain battery power.

What is the solution?

Through the settings panel you can ask your phone to download messages only every 30 minutes or so, or alternatively just check them manually.

How to charge a phone battery

A phone battery life is a simple charge/discharge cycle that is repeated many l times.

While there are infinite ways to discharge a phone battery pack, there are essentially two methods for charging it:

  1. using a normal phone charger;
  2. opting for an inductive charging.

However, recharging cell phone batteries is not as simple as you might think.

In addition to connecting the phone charger, there are numerous precautions you can take with your phone.

For example, it’s really important not to charge it overnight, because this puts the battery in a stressful condition, reducing its overall life.

The best option is charging the phone intermittently during the day, so that the battery is never under stress.

There’s another common mistake that it’s better to avoid: don’t use quick charging (charge your phone for less than an hour) if it’s not strictly necessary.

Even though this allows the battery recharging in a short time, it also reduces energy storage.

This means that if you want to make your battery last longer, you need to be careful in the way you recharge it.

What is life of a cell phone battery

We’ve already said that a mobile phone battery life is a essentially a charge/discharge cycle.

But how exactly does it work?

All modern mobile phones use lithium-ion battery for energy storage.

In this kind of batteries, lithium metal and lithium ions move inside and outside of the individual electrodes, causing them to expand and contract.

But these processes are not entirely reversible and batteries can lose their charge capacity and voltage as the number of charges/discharges grows.

In addition to this, the electrolyte that connects the electrodes also degrades over time.

All this means that the ability of lithium-ion battery to store energy depends on the level of its degradation.

For this reasons it’s important to know how to best manage your phone battery, so that you can avoid its degradation and prolong its life.

In theory, mobile phone batteries can retain 80% of their charge capacity after 300/500 charge and discharge cycles.

In reality, only ten cycles can be enough to diminish this capacity.

What’s the solution?

Simple, be mindful of how you charge your phone. This is the only way to slow down the degradation process of battery elements and extend your phone life.

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