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Battery Pack connection for series or parallel applications.

Mountable directly onto the battery terminals.

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The Open connector kit is composed of:

  • No. 1 Rubber housing
  • No. 1 Connections open cover
  • No. 2 Copper connectors
  • No. 1 Connecting plate
  • No. 1 Terminal tap
  • No. 2 Cable plugs, Ø 1.4mm – 2.1mm
  • No. 1 Thermistor VISHAY NTC
  • No. 2 Orings
  • No. 1 Allan head screw M6 x 12mm INOX
  • No. 1 Tapping screw ST 3.5 x 13mm
  • No. 1 Grower ø6 INOX
  • No. 1 Tapping screw ka22 x 5mm
  • No. 1 Cable fastener
  • No.2 Superseal cavity plugs

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