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In the last ten years, the international electric car market has changed considerably, especially if we think of the growing interest of national governments towards financial investments in renewable energy research and development projects.

Each country is trying to reach a dominant position in the market, in an attempt to change the whole electric vehicle industry (and not only).

After a long period of the dominance of the United States, the global dynamics have now changed since President Donald Trump announced the possibility of a US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

As a result, US investments in renewable energies are so now slowly declining, favouring competitors like China and Japan.

On the other hand, European countries are highly investing into renewable energy research, succeeding in the competition with other international giants.

Considering this, let’s see which countries are currently investing more in renewable energy.

Renewable energy: biggest international investors

The United States has been the country that has invested most in renewable energy research and development, at least until last year, when China electric cars market had an extraordinary increase.

Despite the US are continuing to be an important center for investments, China is now leading the way with 2 billion dollars invested in 2016.

Data published in the “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2017” show that developing countries like China, India and Brazil are the big three in investment terms in last decade, even though there has been a remarkable reduction in dollar commitments in 2016.

And while the US maintains the second place in the ranking – between China and Japan -, on the other side, India proves to be one of the most exciting electric car markets for the next few years.

Top European countries investors in renewable energy

Beyond international giants like China and Japan, European countries are also increasing their renewable energy investment.

United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and France are already in the world ranking of the countries that invest most in the electric car market, but there are a dozen countries where renewables energies are becoming an important part of the energy mix.

Portugal, for example, is one of the leading countries in terms of use of renewable energy sources (wind and microgeneration, especially), preceded by Estonia, Croatia, Denmark and Austria, where there are more than 12 gigawatts of installed hydropower capacity.

Data and researches show that Sweden is the European country that invests more in renewable energy, which accounts for 50% of the total energy demand.

Finland is the second best European investor, where bioenergy, hydropower and wind power are the most important sources of energy.

This is a very interesting overview, which suggests that these countries will soon compete with big China, Brazil, India and Japan.

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