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As a lot of people hoped, there is a new system to save money on your energy bills now: new giant batteries where you can store renewable energy.

Each battery has four containers which hold liquid electrolyte and other equipment that generates the voltage. One container holds the computerized brains, such as the battery management system, and switching equipment that flips between charging and discharging.

The batteries work by pumping the charged Vanadium electrolyte liquid through a box called a “stack.” The stack contains layers of steel, copper, plastics, and carbon. This batteries work like the normal types: one tank acts as a cathode (a negatively charged electrode) and other as an anode (a positively charged electrode). As electrons flow through the stacks, voltage is generated.

These new batteries work in perfect harmony with environmental factors, especially with the wind. In fact, when there is a lot of wind and the sun shines, enough power can be stored in new advanced vanadium flow batteries to run 1,000 homes for eight hours.

Another peculiarity of these batteries is that, thanks to a new Vanadium molecule, they are not flammable and, therefore, they are a safer product.

Los Angeles, a possible case history?

By 2021, electricity use in the Los Angeles West area may be supplied by battery storage systems.

For many years the city used a natural gas-burning power plant in Long Beach. It is essential to support the other power plants during the day’s peak electricity consumption. A common situation that create many problems.

In 2021 this technology will replace by the world’s largest storage battery, capable of holding and delivering over 100 megawatts an hour for four hours. No more fossil fuels: it will have charged up with free solar power that might have otherwise been wasted. The next morning, the battery will be ready for a second peak.

It was the first time a battery storage had won a competition against a conventional power solution.

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