Tawaki designes high capacity battery pack, built to deliver high energy, without compromising power performances. The different chemistry, based on project’s need and their great flexibility allow to minimize the battery size and use Tawaki battery packs into a wide range of sectors and applications.
Battery Management System (BMS) and other custom designed electronics, guarantee thermal management, battery performance and safety.

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Product description

18650 lithium-ion battery packs are constructed by spot-welding 18650 cylindrical cells in serial or parallel. The resultant battery has high energy density and cycle life with low cost compared to other power options. Cylindrical cell formats also show high reliability compared to other format options.

This 64 x 18650 battery pack uses a different chemistry and producers cells in pack configuration. The resultant 8S8P li-ion pack has a 26800mAh 28.8V 18650 battery specification.

Please note that these specifications are assuming 3.6V per cell. Many manufacturers assume 3.7V per cell in order to inflate voltage and power ratings. This battery pack is equivalent to a 29.6V lithium ion battery pack.

The 8S8P battery pack specifications make it suitable for e-bikes, power tools, consumer electronics, and many other applications.

The battery uses high-quality cylindrical cells imported from important global producers, which have a high gravimetric energy density rating and a low maximum continuous current discharge rating compared to other cells.

Assembly and testing is performed in our facility in Promano, Italy. PCM/BMS, connectors, tabbing, pack shape and other requests can be accommodated.

BASIC Manufacturer
Series 8.00 S
Parallel 8.00 P
Country of Manufacture China
CELL Cell type 18650
Cell model Brabd x – Brand y – Brand z
Cells in total 64 x 18650 cells
SIZE Weight, max. 3.10 kg
Volume ~1430.33 cm³
Length, max. 14.80 cm (approximate)
Width, max. 14.80 cm (approximate)
Height, max. 6.52 cm (approximate)
VOLTAGE Voltage, charge max. 33.60 V
Voltage, nominal 28.80 V
Voltage, discharge end 20.00 V
CAPACITY Capacity, max. 26.80 Ah
CURRENT Charge current, standard 13.00 A
Max. continuous discharge current 39.00 A
Peak discharge theoretic, 4 sec 72.00 A
C-rate (discharge, max.) 1.46 C
POWER Watts (discharge, max.) 1123.20 W
ENERGY Energy, max. 771.84 Wh
Density gravimetric theoretic 249.00 Wh/kg
E-rate, discharge max. 1.46 E
CHEMISTRY Chemical abbreviation NCA
Cathode LiNiCoAlO2
Anode Carbon
TIME Standard charge theoretic 4.00 hours
TEMPERATURE Storage (less than 1 month) -20 – 50 °C
Storage (less than 3 months) -30 – 45 °C
Storage (less than 1 year) -20 – 20 °C
Temp charge, min 0.00 °C
Temp charge, max 45.00 °C
Temp discharge, min -20.00 °C
Temp discharge, max 60.00 °C
PROTECTION Single cell over-voltage 4.23±0.025 V (adjustable)
Single cell under-voltage 2.50±0.08 V (adjustable)
Over-current 40.00±3 A (adjustable)
Short-circuit protection Available
ADDITIONAL Remarks Suitable for use in e-bikes, power tools, consumer electronics, and many other applications.
WHITEPAPER Specification sheet Available after quote request

How do I get a price quote?

Use the Request Quote Form and you ‘ll receive a taylor made quotation

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we can usually provide samples on request.

Can you help us prototype our product?

Yes. Our prototyping service is the most advanced and efficient in our product category. You will work with our English-speaking experts to draft designs, order custom parts, and arrange shipment. Our experts can communicate with you by e-mail, chat, or phone. Voltaplex’s aim is to make it as easy as possible for any company to manufacture energy solutions.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we are happy to sign an NDA with your company. You can be confident that your IP will be protected.

Can you order custom parts to be integrated into our product?

Yes. Please specify which parts you need, and any other relevant information, when you submit a battery pack for a quote request.

Can you provide UN DOT 38.3/UL/RoHS etc. certifications for our product?

Yes. We can apply for any of the relevant certifications for your custom product. Most certifications require an additional fee.

How do you ship this product?

This product ships from Italy by air with tracking to nearly every country in the world. We negotiate between carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL to secure the fastest and most inexpensive service for your location. Sea freight is available for orders weighing 100 kg or more.

Will Tawaki take care of customs clearance?

Yes, we can help you clear customs and obtain all necessary documentation for your energy product. Additional fees may apply depending on your location.

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Tawaki battery packs


Tawaki battery packs


The flexibility of Tawaki macrocells, enable their use in multiple frameworks and projects


Support, integration and high performance in hybrid and electric mobility.

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Support, integration and high performance in hybrid and electric mobility.

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