Residential Energy Storage System

Main Features

MAUI is a RESS (Residential Energy Storage System) designed for residential applications.

Consisting of 560 high performance cylindrical lithium ion cells providing 4.3 kWh of overall capacity at a voltage of 48V, MAUI has a BMS (Battery Management System) developed in-house by Tawaki R&D for complete control (of voltage, current and temperature) of its two internal battery packs. A dedicated software application for managing all system functions completes the solution.

MAUI can satisfy every type of requirement for residential photovoltaic systems, maximising its utilisation with significant benefits relating to its high performance in terms of safety and storage. The system is designed to be water and dust resistant (IP55), facilitating both indoor and outdoor residential installations.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, MAUI can be installed either on a wall or on the ground, easily adapting to any requirements.


  • Nominal Voltage: 50,4 Vdc
  • Nominal Energy: 4.334 Wh
  • Nominal Capacity: 86 Ah
  • Weight: 48 Kg
  • Dimensions: 575 x 235 x 575 mm
  • Energy Density: 90,3 Wh/Kg
  • Max Discharge Current: 200 A
  • Max Discharge Rate: 2C (0°≤T≤45°C); 0.5C (-20°≤T<0°C)
  • Max Charge Rate: 0.33C (T≥0°C); 0.2C (-20°≤T<0°C)
  • Ingress Protection Rate: IP 55
  • Communication: 2 x CAN2.0b; TTL Logic Discrete Signals
  • Charging temperature: -20 °C to 45 °C
  • Discharging temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C
  • Certification: TUV; CE; UN 38.3 compliant
  • Life Cycle: 5.000 cycles (DoD 80% average)

Tawaki  MAUI



MAUI can satisfy every type of requirement for residential photovoltaic


Tawaki’s battery solutions allow the storage of energy produced by photovoltaic panels for residential applications, to be used when needed.

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