Technological and performance improvements are making hybrid and electric vehicles more and more popular and they are now a real alternative to traditional mobility. The real challenge in this sector remains the one linked to batteries, fundamental to guarantee significant range and limit product costs.

Tawaki macrocells and battery packs, thanks to their excellent performance-range ratio, represent an ideal solution for the automotive sector as they guarantee high performance at an excellent cost per KWh/Km.

Full customization, both from a chemical and design perspective and the know-how of our dedicated team, allow adapting Takawi’s technology to every specific need.


Commercial and public vehicles have been amongst the first and the most adaptable going through the electric conversion. In many cases the electric system has become a real competitive advantage for these vehicles, as they are often employed for services that required particular conditions such low carbon and noise emissions.

Tawaki’s technology allows a conversion without significant impact on vehicle design, while guaranteeing high performance, safety and range standards. A complete plan that offers total system integration and optimization and includes electronic services and dedicated control systems developed in-house.


The recreation vehicles sector has been the one that has experienced the biggest growth in electric motorization without been affected by its disadvantages. The limited requirements in terms of range and of quick battery charge, as well as the economic savings and the increased security, have brought the major players towards this choice.

Tawaki’s technology is a perfect fit for this segment, offering solutions developed specifically for it, providing the high performances required by this product sector.


Not just four wheels. Electric motorbikes are already a widespread reality starting to surface the market.

With an appropriate power train and battery pack, already today an alectric motorbike can exceed the performances of a traditional one. Tawaki’s technology can develop and produce macrocells with the appropriate characteristics to satisfy this market segment.


E-Bikes with assisted pedals allow the use of the vehicle to anyone, supporting the movement with an electric motor.

This is a field where Tawaki offers extremely safe and strong solutions at a low additional cost.

Light Battery Pack with a limited size, easy to apply to models already on the market. Products developed with great attention to the design and the aesthetic, offering quick charging times.

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